The crown jewel of the property, Priest Creek Chapel was constructed by Dr. Orton and local friends. An intimate setting surrounded by split rail fence with scenic views of the Steamboat Ski Area serving as a backdrop, it is an ethereal location ideal for exchanging vows, 



This historic barn has hosted everything from intimate dining events to lively large gatherings. With authentic Old West decor showcasing Steamboat memorabilia, it features a bar, serving area and large heated parlor area with an overhead door that opens onto the property. It also contains a loft with a pool table, a favorite place for guys to have a pre-wedding gathering while the gals are getting ready elsewhere. 



This charming cottage is adjacent to the main house on the ranch property and offers guests a changing room, bathroom, kitchen and eating area. Whether it's used for sharing morning mimosas or making pre-wedding preparations, it's the perfect place for a bridal party to come together prior to the day's festivities 



If you want to make a grand entrance, we know how to deliver just that. With this turn of the century buggy driven by Dr. Orton and one of the ranch's horses, brides can arrive at the aisle in style. It is the quintessential way to begin your fairytale.



While there are many furry and four-legged residents at The Orton Ranch, Festus the donkey has become a fast favorite of our guests. His is beloved for his calm, easy-going nature and often participates in photos and pre-wedding festivities. The horses on the property also provide an extra special backdrop for your celebration.